Summer Sermon Series: Listening for God

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We turn to the Bible to listen for God but the stories of scripture portray how difficult it was for our spiritual forbearers to listen for God.  They heard God speak through relationships, dreams, current events, nature, prayer and a still small voice.  In the midst of our daily lives, how shall we listen for God and what blocks us from truly hearing the divine guidance of love?  This series reminds us that no matter where we are in this journey through life, God invites us to grow spiritually.

Sun., Aug. 9, Part 5, Of Boats and Bread” based on Matthew 14:22-33. Dr. Mike Graves preaching.

As we continue the series “Listening for God,” this week’s passage is about Jesus (and Peter) walking on water. In Sunday’s sermon, we’ll consider what “walking on water” might mean for us today. What does an ancient story like that say to us in our time?