Remaking the World 

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Annual Generosity Campaign

Remaking the World is the theme of our annual generosity campaign in financial support of the church. We are grateful to so many of you for your generous financial gifts to the church. Because of your dedication and faithfulness, our church is empowered to partner with God in the sacred and holy task of “remaking the world.”

Here are a few examples of how your annual gifts have been transformed into innovative expressions of God’s good news:

  • Over 1,400 folks celebrated Easter with meaningful and spiritually moving worship.
  • Our congregation planted 100 trees in Northeast Kansas City.
  • Our centennial concert,“This Love Between Us,” reached members of our community from dozens of different faith traditions in interfaith dialogue. 
  • Hundreds of children and youth received spiritual guidance through Pastors’ class, youth groups, Sunday School, and hands on service.
  • Adults in crises found solace, guidance and hope through pastoral visits, counseling, AA, support groups, prayer.

As we launch the 101st year of our beloved church, we invite you to offer your commitment to “remaking the world.” God of heaven needs us to be the church on earth. With inflation on the rise, it will be a challenge for us to continue the ministry that is so vital to the community and to our own lives.

You will receive more information about this campaign in the coming days, including an Estimate of Giving card. There are many ways for your to participate in this campaign:

  • Please fill out and bring your card to church on Sunday, May 15 so that we may dedicate them in worship at 9:01, 10:00 or 11:00 a.m.
  • Return your card to church by mail using the enclosed envelope
  • Fill out the online form to share your giving estimate securely
  • Contact Rachel Clement, Director of Finance, at 816-381-9256 or [email protected]

Thank you again for your past support and ongoing faithfulness. We are grateful for you and that you are a part of our church family.