2017 Advent Devotions

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The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.
— John 1:5

The darkness sometimes overwhelms us. World events and family concerns challenge us. In the midst of the worry and the busyness, “One Candle Is Lit.” This December in worship, we are looking at how God’s light becomes meaningful and real, bringing hope, peace and love to us and the whole world.

These devotions have been written by Country Club Christian Church staff, lay leaders and friends for you to use as you prepare for Christmas. A hard copy booklet of these devotions is available in The Well, or you may download a PDF here.

One Voice – J. J. Jones

December 4, 2017During high school, I was part of a choir that performed One Voice. Like many, music causes me to picture certain imagery or causes emotions to swell within me. I can’t explain why, but every time we sang – Just once voice, Singing in the darkness. All it takes is ... Read More

The Best Christmas – Carla Aday

December 4, 2017The best Christmas was also the worst Christmas. I was nine and half months pregnant and expecting Connor’s arrival on Dec 26. Wringing my hands about all that still needed to happen before Christmas and childbirth, my husband encouraged me to sit down and write my Sunday sermon. “If you ... Read More

Visit of the Magi -George Gordon

December 3, 2017Most commentators agree that the Gospel of Matthew seems to intend to address audiences that are mostly or solely Jewish, perhaps because he has the least association with non-Jewish people than any of the other Gospel writers or he wanted to confront the Jews who had rejected him as a tax collector. In his Gospel there are many hidden motifs drawn from the Hebrew Scriptures. Let’s take a look at the “Visit of the Magi” in Matt. 2:1-12. Magi were wise men and the East was the ancient source of wisdom, even prior to the Hebrew and Greek Cultures.

Come, Lord Jesus – Mike Graves

November 30, 2017I have always found the timing of Advent confusing. I’m not referring to how shoppers and kids count down the days to Santa’s arrival, while the church calls it Advent, and not Christmas until December 25. I can live with that sort of confusion since as Christians we all live what one scholar calls hyphenated lives, living in the world of God’s doing and society’s too. I get that.