Leadership Nominations

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The Nominating Committee would like to ask you to take a second to think about the people in your church community that you would like working for and representing you. The work of the church is more important than ever, here is a valuable way to be involved!

Pastor’s Class Kick-Off

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Sunday, Feb. 5. 12:15 – 1:30pm. Sixth graders (or older youth who haven’t done Pastors’ Class) are invited to learn about the fundamentals of Christian faith while forming a sense of community with their church before choosing to be baptized or confirmed. Find out more information about Pastors’ Class 2023 …

Holy Land Pilgrimage set for Sept. 5 – 14, 2023

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A pilgrimage to the Holy Land has been called “the fifth Gospel,” and for many people, it’s the trip of a lifetime. This trip starts in Galilee, coming down the Jordan valley, and culminates with some of the most cherished sites in and around Jerusalem. Take part in this amazing opportunity coming September 2023.

Hartman Elementary In-Person Tutoring is Back!

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Great News! After more than 2 years of hiatus, our volunteer tutoring program will return to Hartman and continue the important work with students in need of extra help and support to become successful learners. So many more students have fallen behind academically and are struggling because of Covid.

The Next 5

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As we launch the next 100 years of ministry at 61st Street and Ward Parkway, Country Club Christian Church is starting with The Next 5, and we are seeking your input. 

A Message from our Ministers

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As your pastors, we reach out to voice our angst at the events unfolding in our country. We share the grief and worry that many are feeling as they watch the news these days. George Floyd’s death was excruciatingly painful to watch. Our country now pulses with a wide range of difficult emotions and fears.