Celebrating Membership

Lara Schopp Staff Messages, Visitor Information

By Barbara George, Director of Member Development

At Country Club Christian Church we don’t just talk about it, we Celebrate Membership! Last month we held our first Celebration of Membership and welcomed 13 individuals into our faith community. This is a celebration because we know the benefits it brings to each person as well as to our community. Membership is taken seriously here because it really does matter.

In my early adult life, the word “membership” reminded me of a sales rep who tried to talk me into buying a flashy gym membership that had the newest equipment but which I would never consider using! After that, every time I heard the word “membership” to anything, I was skeptical.

So look where I am now…the church’s Director of Membership Development! But I’ve learned over my 20 years of membership what this commitment means to each new individual. Yes, membership has responsibilities as does any fruitful commitment. But as a community, we place real emphasis on touching the lives of our members by creating opportunities to feed spiritual development. Enhancements such as:

  • A sense of connection – interactions with others creating a community of like-minded folks. Life-long friends have developed through our church family. Parents, children and grandchildren have weathered difficult times and shared wonderful milestones together.
  • Music programs and choirs for all ages that will inspire the soul.
  • Faith development for children that is relatable and sows the seeds of a child’s moral compass.
  • The opportunity to serve those in need along-side others making a real difference.
  • Faith that is not static. We learn and grow through small groups and Bible studies. We worship together.
  • Involvement for everyone. This can’t be stressed enough. What a gift.

Again, on Sun., Mar. 4 we will welcome individuals into our faith community at a Celebration of Membership, and what a celebration it will be! We look for you to join us.