it’s thursday evening.  another long, hot, worthwhile day.  somebody told a joke about it snowing and sleeting in kansas city.  we all had a really good laugh.

it has become tradition to do a blog post dedicated to shout outs of all of our team members…so here we go!

i’m really not as narcissistic as e.j. makes me sound –nancy.

kara, i’ve still got the cricket. –bruce.

connor, i bought you some passion fruit tic-tacs.  –carla

hello north carolina.  –divine doug.

standing on gravel in the bed of the truck, you can see better than in the cab.  –lance

i’m surviving.  –bill

workers in nicaragua love gloves.  –bart

nicaraguan children cannot get enough of bracelets, stickers and stamps.  –jamie.

anybody i know who found this site?  –cindy britt

the guava jam is delicious.  –cindy irey

walking  (working) in the rain is a pleasant experience in nicaragua. –lance (bart)

80 and sunny. wish you were here.  –kevin

liesl, piper, liz and kylie i’ll be home soon.  –dad (jeff)

charlie and lilly, the children only have to go to school half a day and then they get to play the rest of the day. –susu

we saw a whirlpool in the creek…”it was the whirlpool laundry.”  –lance, “bill”

george, alexander, nick, crystal, adam and all, it’s beautiful here.  wish you were here.  see you soon. –sue

hello church ladies.  –stephanie

hello to my church lady!  –me

christians under construction, it’s not work at all.  it’s all play for me.  –mary linda

cold showers are refreshing after a long day in the tropical sun. –jamie

i can’t think of anything.  –sandy

good night and god bless.