Often times, people think waiting is the hardest part. So far, we seem to be handling it pretty well. We waited early this morning for our 6:15am flight; we’re waiting now in the Miami airport for our 7 hour layover to end; we’ll be excitedly waiting to arrive at our hotel when we drive the hour and a half from Quito to Otavalo tonight when we finally get to Ecuador. The waiting’s not the easiest, but we’re making the most of it— catching up on leisurely reading, watching Netflix, connecting with new friends on the trip. Waiting isn’t so bad when you find something to do in the meantime.

As you wait for us to return, will you make the most of it? You can pray for us as we travel, that we may be open to the surprises God has in store for us. You can think about the experiences we’ll have as we meet new people in a new culture; you can make space for the ways in which we will return transformed. You can anticipate the questions you’ll have for us, and the questions we’ll have when we return home with a fresh perspective on the world. As you wait for us, we will wait together to see how God will renew the spirits in our team as we travel and all of our lives together as we return and share our stories.


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