Through a partnership with Compost Collective KC, the church has begun new efforts to care for the environment by composting food waste at various events. Initiated by the Preschool and Parents’ Day Out programs, and now extending to church-wide events like Trunk or Treat and Thanksgiving Dinner, the church is working to keep food waste out of landfills. Did you know…

  • 25% of the 167 million tons of garbage that end up in landfills each year is food waste
  • Because food waste in a landfill decomposes without oxygen, it creates primarily methane gas as a byproduct
  • Food waste that decomposes as compost has access to oxygen because it is regularly turned and aerated. As a result, it releases carbon dioxide
  • Methane gas absorbs heat from the sun (effectively warming our planet) at 21-70 times the rate of carbon dioxide

At Trunk or Treat, more than 35 pounds of waste was composted. Visit Compost Collective KC’s web site for more information on composting and how you can get started at home.