This past weekend I got to go to a beautiful dance concert. The dancers were well trained, the costumes were interesting, and the music was beautiful. I love dance. I love that it’s time set aside in our lives to experience life in a whole new way by moving to music. People walk up and down the street every day and it doesn’t seem all that interesting. The moment you put music to it and intention behind it suddenly it is an art form that I am willing to pay good money to see.

What I love about professional dance is that people are paid to help the audience experience the music as much as possible. They take the music and embody it, they express it and make it their own. The dancers this weekend became extensions of the music and created moments for the audience. I know that it sounds odd, but it made me think about scripture and how we live it out. We read scripture; we read it and experience it and like music it is beautiful on its own. When it becomes truly interesting to me is when it is lived out with intention. The words “love God and love neighbor” are beautiful and poetic, but when they are lived out it creates a moment where God is more fully felt in our world.

Where in life do you need to learn to dance a little more? Where in life do you need to take the words and express them and make them your own? What song do you want to dance to? My prayer is that you discover these things and have the courage to do them.