This week thinking about listening to music as a spiritual practice made me think of my friend Patrick. Patrick is possibly the silliest human being I’ve ever met. Because of Patrick there is no shortage of fun in my life. One of the best gifts that Patrick has to offer is the fact that when we go dancing he has no realization that we look ridiculous on the dance floor and makes it the most fun it could possibly be. While other people are striving to look cool and together, Patrick and I tend to jump around a lot. We act out the words to the song, we pretend to be grocery shopping, fishing, or possibly ballet dancers on the New York stage.

Listening to music with Patrick has become a fully embodied activity. When I’ve had a hard time with life I can count on him to grab me by the arm and drag me onto the dance floor and flop about and experience the joy that comes with music and dance.

King David was so overwhelmed with Joy that he danced, and looked like a fool in front of his people. The Holy Spirit came to the first Christians and they spoke in tongues and people thought they were drunk. When God enters our lives sometimes we move in ways that appear ridiculous, but it may be the only way to respond to the love of God. I feel that we all need a friend like Patrick that helps us listen to the music, and God, and have a good time. When I dance to music I feel a joy that can only be described as divine. When I dance to music I understand that there is enough grace, enough joy, enough God to share with all people.