sunday night, 23 february 2014. hotel nueva guinea, nueva guinea nicaragua.

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the first 14 of us arrived in nueva guinea late this afternoon.  the rest of the group, all but one from north carolina arrived around 8pm.  they were delayed a day after missing their original flight, having lingered too long at a restaurant serving sub-par barbeque (despite the fact that dr. doug has been to kansas city, had oklahoma joe’s burnt ends and thus knows what real bbq is).

over 31,000 children’s vitamins have been packed for distribution in “home health kits” (think rolaids, ibuprofen, vitamins, band-aids…normal stuff we take for granted). over the next 4 days, 400 families from remote villages will listen to a presentation about the medicines in the kits and then take a kit home.

it took about 6 hours to drive 180 miles from managua to the village where we are staying…nueva guinea.  the hotel is great (not glen’s-5-star-hotel-7-course-prix-fixe-dinners, limo-ride-south-africa-mission-trips-great, but some have said the nicest of any hotel we’ve ever stayed in in nicaragua).  while the showers don’t actually have shower heads on them, a collaborative effort has led to a children’s vitamin bottle version of waterpik excellence.  thank you lance.

finally, a “new mission member moment” with brandi:  brandi is a care assistant at children’s mercy.  ingrid, who is on her second trip to nicaragua, apparently talked so much about last year’s trip that brandi said, “i’m in.”  a year later, she is.  brandi’s fun fact: she’s a huge sports fan, which works out well for her husband clinton.  

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