Greetings from Nicaragua!!!  Today was our second day in the medical clinic. We saw between 80 and 90 patients. Today we became a well oiled machine. Things ran extremely well.

I think our hearts have all been touched by the warmth, kindness, tenacity and joy of the Nicaraguan people.

We have seen banana, cashew trees and coffee plants. We stopped the bus to take pictures of the banana flower. There is also extreme poverty here.

We pass a garbage dump on the way to the clinic. In the huge heap of trash we see people, animals and vultures scavenging.

Tonight, we ventured to the local market. Along the way we stopped at a city park, and visited a very old Catholic Church.

While we are working very hard and have had many cold showers, tonight we enjoyed pizza for dinner. And we are extremely blessed to have an ice cream shop a block from where we are staying.

You have to ask Mary Linda about the first motor cycle ride of her life. I could never do her story justice on the blog. I think she should record it and post on you tube. Could be a big success.

Sending thoughts and prayers to all our friends and family supporting us.

– Kevin