Easter Offering Thank You!

Lara Schopp Articles, Corey Meyer

This year our Easter Offering raised over $18,000! Thank you to everyone for your generous gifts and commitment to promoting sustainable and responsible practices for our environment. It is our dream that with our donations Bridging the Gap here in Kansas City can continue to its mission to connect environment, economy, and community. Their work with recycling centers in Kansas City, the planting of thousands of new trees, conserving ecosystems, preserving monarch butterfly gardens, and helping more business each year on “green” practices will truly have a lasting impact over the next generations.

Equally as so, our gifts to AMANESER 2025 in Puerto Rico will be used to help the community be more resilient in the face of impending natural disasters like Hurricane Maria in 2017. By connecting grass-roots organizations and churches the leaders of The Alliance for Sustainable Resource Management (AMANESER 2025) is able to provide resources like solar energy panels, community refrigeration systems, individual water filters and battery operated communication devices. It is true that the Church’s witnesses to the unfolding world of God makes a difference in lives across communities and we at Country Club Christian Church can continue to be a voice for positive change with our gifts and resources. Thank you, again!