-Sitting at CEPAD with Lance, Carty and Dr Tim:

Well, we made it back to Managua from our adventures. Spent last night at a charming little home-style resort at Lake Apoyo called g Abuelo (Grandmother’s House). Susan conducted the most lovely yoga class on the deck for some of us, while others frolicked and jumped off the dock. Betsy is practically a mermaid–that gal can swim.

On the way home, some of the group went to the volcano and others chose to shop. I am overwhelmed with love toward all the other members of our group. I wish I could write a whole separate blog post about each and every person, including our amigos from N. Carolina, but I imagine everyone is ready for me to just shut up, already. Carla, along with Nancy and Betsy, made everything look easy. They are truly selfless servants of the Jesus.

Vaya con Dios (Travel with God),

Yours Truly, Eric