New Horizons in Children/Youth Music

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I was talking with a Music Therapy student at KU the other day, and she told me about one of her clients in a nursing home who had difficulty remembering the names of her children, yet could remember all the words to songs like “You Are My Sunshine” and “Beautiful Dreamer.” Music enhances memory. It seems that even people suffering from Alzheimer’s can still recall ideas that were learned through music.

I have spent some time thinking about my own life and how much of what I know I learned through music. I can easily recite poems that were set to music, while I struggle to memorize poems that are not. Teachers and parents are aware of the fact that children commit more knowledge to memory if it is associated with music, especially spiritual lessons. So, perhaps we should provide our children with more opportunities to engage in signing.

Country Club Christian Church recently added two members to the music team. Alex and Sara Goering are our new Co-Associate Directors of Children’s and Youth Music. Both Alex and Sara are talented and well-educated musicians. They have a passion for working with children and youth. They bring energy, dedication and many great ideas to engage the children and youth.
I suggest that if you have children of Sunday School age, you take the time to meet Alex and Sara and get your children involved with the changes that are taking place in children’s and youth music.