The smooth functioning of any church depends on the willingness of its members to volunteer their time and talents to keep the various ministries going. Each volunteer makes a decision about their area or areas of involvement based on their own interests and the needs of the church. For an individual to be deeply invested in serving in a given volunteer group, the rewards must be tangible. A feeling of a job well-done, or the satisfaction of seeing the positive results of one’s actions can sometimes be all that is critical to keep someone volunteering. As human beings, we frequently display a desire to be necessary and useful in whatever we do. Any endeavor that proves to be both useful and effective may be all that is needed to keep us engaged in that activity.

The number of opportunities available in our church are almost endless. I am amazed at how many small groups exist at Country Club Christian Church. I have the privilege of working, on a weekly basis, with many volunteers in musical groups. Each volunteer exhibits varying degrees of expertise in their chosen area, whether it be singing in one of the choirs or ringing with the Jubilee Ringers. One of my greatest pleasures each Wednesday evening is to watch how many of the singers in Country Club Singers and Chancel Choir come to rehearsal (even though they arrive tired from a full day of activities) eager to learn new things and to improve on their abilities. The energy level of each member, at the end of the evening’s rehearsal, is always greater than at the beginning. I know that these members think about being effective in their performances when they sing for the congregation, but I also know that they benefit, personally, from each rehearsal. I can’t help thinking that each member takes some sustaining inspiration with them away from each rehearsal. I believe this because I leave each rehearsal excited and renewed.

I recommend that, if you have an interest in music, speak to one of the members of Celebration Singers, Jubilee Ringers, Country Club Singers, or Chancel Choir about the personal benefits of participating in music at Country Club Christian Church.