Saturday, February 23… We arrived in Nicaragua right on time…with 95 percent of the luggage we left Kansas City with. We arrived in Managua short a couple of checked bags.  We did however pick up a dozen folks from North Carolina in Atlanta. It’s good to see our friends, and it’s always nice to have a new group of people to debate college basketball with. These ACC guys don’t know anything about basketball. We did the “airport shuffle” and made it to CEPAD save and sound. Luis is taking good care of us. Snow is not a problem down here; it is a “refreshing” 85 degrees here….at 11:00 PM. Tomorrow should be even more refreshing. Tomorrow we’re hoping for a luggage sighting and headed out to Jinotepe. The word is our accommodations are even grander than the El Puma Resort and Spa we stayed at last year.  Lots of fingers are crossed.