Update from Team 2

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it has been a busy few days. lots of travel, lots of work, the occasional wifi outage so to bring you up to date, here’s a quick snapshot of team two’s last few days in India.

friday and Saturday were spent with dinesh (the world’s most affirmation-needy tour guide) touring a bit of Delhi, the Taj Mahal (the world’s fanciest mausoleum) and too many tchotchke shops to count including: tchotchkes r us, tchotch-mart, tchotchkes 5th avenue and tchotch chopper.

2320 (that’s 1120pm) Saturday in Delhi. after a nice dinner (the food here is spectacular) we booted team one out the door to head for home at 3am. at 4, team two rose and headed to the same airport for the journey south to Raipur and then 2.5 hours on to Mungeli.

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Sunday, arrival in and orientation to Christian hospital Mungeli. Sunday evening, we met our “guardian angels” — 2 nursing students for each of us to interact with, to show us around and escort us in the village. some are quiet. some are chatty. some have excellent English skills and some are shy enough that it’s hard to tell. but all of them light up when we see them on campus or in the wards.

speaking of the wards, we saw them for the first time on Monday. chapel at 7:30am (every morning) and then rounds with a doc. ER, then nicu, the women’s and men’s wards and icu. out-patient clinics, eye care, blood bank and on and on…all self-contained, all shoehorned into a small complex of older buildings, soon to be enhanced with some new, modern facilities.

Mary-Linda’s been preaching. Hannah’s been fluting. sandy’s (the only person to stay all three weeks) teaching english and helping us become oriented. ken’s working on a signage project for the entire campus (ask a team-member what’s on the signs. the answer: you will never see it coming). and Stephanie and I are taking pictures and collecting bio information from each staff member and student on campus for a new directory.

sprinkle in conversations with the nursing students, the occasional monkey-sighting, a trip to the OR to watch Anil-Sir (the big boss) remove a 1-rupee coin from a 2-year-old’s throat (if you ever wondered if coins make good toys…) and some of the best Indian food you’ll ever eat and you get a simple snap-shot of a day at CHM.

with over a week left ahead of us, more to come. stay tuned. God bless.


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