When a child at Country Club drops her old legos into a box in the hallway on the way to Sunday School, she has no idea where those legos are going. When a mother writes a $35 check for a baby box she has no idea what baby will end up in that box. Can I show you what happened because of your generous, anonymous gift?









These 9th graders came to school this year not knowing the difference between a right click and a left click on the computer mouse. Using legos donated by children at Country Club, one of the teachers at the Rambo School in India is now teaching the children “Robotics.” It is the most popular class. Not only are the children learning computer skills, math, engineering, science but they are also creatively applying these skills to the needs of their community. One boy built a timer for the water pump at home. Another conducted a study of the best pot for cooking a particular dish. Together they programmed a robot to run the Christmas lights at the school. They squealed with delight today as the zip lock bags of legos we brought in our suitcases were poured out on the work table.

Back at the hospital, a new mom and her baby were ready to be discharged. Because this mom had completed the required prerequisites of three prenatal visits, the first one in the first trimester, she and her baby qualified for the baby box. The mosquito net in the box will protect her from malaria. The diapers will keep her from infection. The clothes will keep her warm and the box that is the baby’s bed will keep the baby safe from snakes. But most importantly, her mother is learning about good health care for herself and her family. The family beamed as we presented the box and took pictures.

The recipients will probably never meet you. So let me say “thank you” on their behalf. Perhaps when they think of these good gifts, they will be able to imagine your face. Or perhaps they will imagine the face of God.


Below, 6th grade students in the robotics lab.