Being Present in the Moment

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By Lisa McLeish, Director of Early Childhood Programs

The week(s) leading up to February 14 were full of excitement as children picked out cards and treats to share with their classmates, created all kinds of Valentine art and worked extra hard on being kind to others. The culmination was parties that involved delicious treats, passing out the cards they oh so carefully wrote their names on, and some special activities.

On February 15, though, Valentine’s Day was over and all but forgotten. Now the children are talking, and learning, about the Olympics as we get ready to hold “Kiddy Olympics” at Country Club Christian Church. I appreciate this trait in children. The ability to prepare and wait for something with so much excitement they cannot talk about anything else, and celebrating with equal happiness. Then, when it is over, immediately putting all your energy into something new and exciting.

As an “over-thinker,” I share the excitement leading up to a special event, but during the event I find myself dreading the end instead of enjoying what is happening in the moment. The time after is often spent wishing I had done something more (talked longer with a relative at a wedding or made time to see an old friend while I was in the neighborhood).

During the Ash Wednesday sermon several years ago, we were challenged with doing something positive along with making a sacrifice, during the season of Lent. The premise was to make a positive change in your own life and then find a way to share that with other people.

This year, I will work toward being present in the moment. I want to listen to hear, instead of listening to respond. As I look forward to what is happening next, I will remember the last event with a smile instead of with and “I wish.”