A Gift

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I heard once that children are born with faith. But as they mature into teens and adults, we rob them of it. We teach them the “right” answers rather than letting them revel in the holy mystery. Oftentimes parents worry about how to teach a child to navigate the death …

Joy and Pain

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I try to write this column about one theme. But today I cannot decide. Part of me wants to describe the overwhelming joy unfolding. I could recount the electric energy of 300 folks at the Spring Fling last Sunday, the beaming smiles of toddlers hunting Easter eggs and petting the …

God’s Gift of Love

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Their love was forbidden. Their marriage was a secret. They lived most of their days apart and in solitude. But nothing could thwart their devotion to each other. It was medieval France and priests were not allowed to marry. His name was Peter of Abelard and her name was Heloise. …

We Come Together

Lara Schopp Articles, Carla Aday, Senior Minister Blog

Two- year-old George bounded down the center aisle with his big brothers and plopped down on the red carpeted steps in front of the communion table. Two seconds into the children’s sermon George stood, climbed up and cozied himself right into Rev Joe Walker’s lap. Though we were only eight minutes into the 9:01 worship service, with offering, communion and sermon still to go, for me the worship was already complete.