This past weekend my parents were in town to see me sing in the Heartland Men’s Chorus.   They got to come with me to worship as well.  During worship one of the prayers talked about the things around us that helped us see the sacred, and I’m pretty sure that my family didn’t see me start to tear up…but I sure as heck did.  I started to think about how I was surrounded by “the things” that I see the sacred through most clearly – my parents.

They have been the embodiment of grace.  They have never been shy with pointing out where I need to do something differently, but they do so with a love through which I know I’ve been forgiven before I even do anything.  They have walked with me down paths that they never expected to walk down, and in doing so have celebrated me the entire way.  I have to admit it probably isn’t easy being my parents….but they always step up to the plate and embrace me and all that I am with love and compassion.

What or who around you displays the sacred most clearly?  It might not be a parent, but I pray that you have someone in your life in whom you see the divine.  I think that is what church is about.  We are striving to become a community and individuals who are clearly showing the love of God to the world around us.  This means learning, serving, worshipping. It means simply being in community.   We are nearing the end of our Lenten journey, a time that we reflect on wilderness wandering.  I hope that our church, our  community, can be your “thing” in the wilderness.