Wednesday Day 8

admincccckc 2016 India Mission Trip Blog

The group has been so busy serving the last few days, it’s hard to find time to even write about what we’ve been doing.

Sandy has been very busy teaching English in the Rambo School and Nancy and Carla have been giving her a hand. There were vocabulary lessons with Bingo games and story time with the little ones. Sandy used a map of the U.S to teach the middle grades directions. Everyday the students seems more comfortable with us and the older students are always eager to say hello and practice their English.

At the nursing school, Betsy gave classes to the students on speech therapy and patients with swallowing problems.

Sandy, Carla, Nancy, and Betsy also taught English workshops with the students. I also gave a class in basic videography techniques and typing.

Betsy was able to work with some patients who needed help with their speech problems. She also create some therapy tools with doctors that they can use after we leave.




There is a education video in the works on blood donation that can be used to educate families that come into the hospital.

We took some of girls to dinner on Monday night at what we were told is Mungli’s best restaurant. (It may be the only restaurant). I was told that many of the girls may have never eaten in a restaurant before. And it always seems to be a special event for all of them since they rarely get to leave the campus.

Our visit just happened to overlap with a visit from a professional dancer trained in the India’s classical dance. She spent a couple of days giving lessons to the students and Rambo and to the nurses. Last night she treated us all to a beautiful performance. Then we all gathered at Dr. Anil’s house for dinner.


Caption from Carla: Ambrita is a world-renowned dancer who came to teach the children in Rambo school. We all dressed up for her performance. 

Today is our last full day here. We’re just praying we’ll get in all the activities on our wish lists checked off before we leave tomorrow.