One Missing Step

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About a week ago, I was getting ready to take my son to school, and I headed down a half flight of stairs without a second thought. Moments later, I was flat on the floor below and in a fair amount of pain. In hindsight I realized I had missed the last step of the staircase and completely wiped out. A visit to the emergency room verified I had broken my right fibula.

Myth Busters

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Do you remember that show “myth busters”?  They would take a common belief that we hold and dispel it with the actual truth. Well last Monday, as Dave and I hosted a dessert gathering for the most recent new members of our church, I had a few myths busted.

An Expedition on the Parkway

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The Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Dillard has an essay on worship that should have won an award somewhere along the way. In my mind it’s so important that I have my students read it in the Intro to Worship course every spring. The essay is titled “An Expedition to the Pole…”

God Finds Us

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My friend started coming to church and sitting on the back row. It was a rough patch in his life. He liked the music, the silence, the encouraging words from the preacher. But he never spoke to anyone, slipping out before the final hymn.

Braggin’ Rights

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The utility crews were peering into this hole the other day as I was walking through our parking lot. I asked if I could look, too, and they graciously agreed. I casually mentioned that it reminded me of the holes we dug for the foundation of a community center on our most recent mission in Nicaragua.

We Are All Called

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Install. The goal of the day was installation. Men were coming to install a new dishwasher in the morning, a new washing machine in the afternoon. Maybe the garage door installer would also show up to give us a bid. When the green and white truck pulled out of the driveway before noon, we were smiling and enjoying hearing the quiet hum of the new dishwasher. Then I turned on the kitchen faucet and no water came out. Something in the installation had gone terribly wrong.

A Christian Education

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Sometimes in the midst of a semester teaching students about preaching, I chase a rabbit or two. Ok, maybe three. One of those hares is the educational ministry of our churches.

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I vividly recall the first time I saw something called a “Macintosh,” a product of an unknown start-up Apple Computer. This little ivory-colored box was in a friend’s basement office and was only connected to the electrical outlet. As we huddled around its tiny black and white screen, it came to life with a little smiley face. Something in my very being sensed that we were peering into a window on the future. We were.

Moving Day

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Is there anything quite as unsettling as moving? Up until a year ago, I was blissfully ignorant of the logistics of relocating my family of three roughly fifteen blocks south. It felt like the world got turned upside down, put into boxes, and we shoved them wherever they would fit so the floors could be finished and the shelves installed in the basement. For that whole period of time, “home” was not a place, but something we—as a family—were discovering.

On Watching

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I am writing to you from the monastery in Atchison where 125 Benedictine nuns are eagerly awaiting 600 guests who are coming to watch the full solar eclipse. An astronomer from the Vatican will be here to speak and they are serving hot dogs on the lawn. One nun giggled as she pictured people stopping on the highway to see the moment that hasn’t happened for 99 years and will not happen here again in our lifetimes.