On Listening

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  By Lara Schopp, Director of Communications Andrew Forsthoefel had just graduated from college when he decided to walk across the country. He had no goal – he wasn’t raising money or awareness. He was walking to listen. He literally carried a sign that read “Walking to Listen,” and along …

Worship Works

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Ask most church-going folks what they love best about Sundays and they will likely point to two things, worship services and a day of rest (even if the latter is more idealized thinking than reality). Skimming the newspaper, listening to National Public radio, enjoying some waffles, and, oh yes, sliding into a pew for some hymns, prayers, and a sermon; what a lovely Lord’s day morning.

Thank You!

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By Rachel Clement, Director of Finance I love the stewardship theme for the year! When I first heard it my reaction was “Of course!” Of course the stewardship committee would chose a theme that fits this church so well. You couldn’t be more welcoming. To me this theme is more …

Who Invites Who?

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At an oval conference table, my clergy colleagues pulled up a chair and glanced at the agenda. Hmm. Stewardship season again? At the head of the conference room table, a tall white haired elder with broad shoulders and a booming voice took his seat.

On Coming to Country Club

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By Dr. Mike Graves, Guest Preacher When back in 1999 I felt led to have my ordination recognized by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), I never could have imagined the role our church would play. The Committee on Ordination and Standing that I met with was incredibly supportive, comprised …

Welcome to Our Church Family

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By Barbara George, Director of Membership Development “Welcome to our Church Family.” This is what I say to individuals as they make their commitment to membership at Country Club Christian Church. We certainly are a family; like-minded people of faith, in fellowship together, a community who expresses caring and concern …

On Saying Goodbye to Lucky

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A former colleague of mine had a saying taped to his door at the seminary, “A drop of ink may cause a million to think.” There’s no doubt in my mind, the written word can touch people. In this case, I have no illusions that this article will reach a million people, but a modest number counts all the same. Besides, the topic itself is rather small, about 20 pounds in this case.

Sacred Space

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This past month we held a family celebration at Tall Oaks Conference Center, our region’s camp in Linwood, Kansas. The eldest of our four generations had been volunteers at Tall Oaks long years ago and they love to return to its familiar beauty and relive the memory of friendships that the camp evokes.

On Mystery

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Theologians distinguish between two broad streams of thinking about God – kataphatic and apophatic. You can’t use these in Scrabble, but they are worth knowing. The former focuses on what can be known about God, whereas the latter stresses what can’t be known.

Together in a New Way

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I had never been to Kansas City. A vivacious and beautiful young single woman in a brown Oldsmobile sedan picked me up from the airport. The next thing I knew I was seated at a restaurant on the Plaza and there was a large Texas state flag hanging on the wall behind our table. For two days I met with various committees from the church. They packed a lot of the saints onto those committees.

First Fridays

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By Lindsay Howes, Director of Children’s Ministries We kicked off our new and exciting First Friday programming last month and just held our second event on Mar. 3. First Friday is a time for 3rd-5th graders and 6th-8th graders to come and enjoy community, food and fun. Last month we …