Celebrating Membership

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At Country Club Christian Church we don’t just talk about it, we Celebrate Membership! Last month we held our first Celebration of Membership and welcomed 13 individuals into our faith community. This is a celebration because we know the benefits it brings to each person as well as to our community. Membership is taken seriously here because it really does matter.

On Inconvenience

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When my son was 10 he refused to practice the guitar. I told his teacher he wanted to quit. “Good,” said the teacher, “I want him to quit also.” This was not one of my finer “mother” moments. Should we push harder, I wondered?

In the Spaces Between Us

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I am excited about 2018.  My baby, God willing, will graduate from college. Our clergy positions at the church will finally be all filled.  The church board is moving forward with a solid vision for reaching out to our community. What are you hoping for in 2018? 

Your Gifts Matter

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I am blessed to receive your annual giving pledges but also to see your gifts at work. Each time I write a check to pay a bill I am reminded that your contributions make so many things possible. The generosity of your gifts should be celebrated

Cold Hope

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Can you imagine having 200 guests in our sanctuary in sub-freezing weather and us not having heat in our building? Can you imagine 200 guests staying for two hours with coats, hats, and gloves on?

God’s Grace

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Something shifted within me. I saw something beyond what I was seeing. The adorable children were singing on the front steps of the church. There were 13 voices. They captured each note in a way that conveyed the meaning of the lyrics. Their eyes focused Alex as he directed. Their smiles melted me as they finished singing.

That Night

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There is nothing quite like that night. The sanctuary goes dark and one candle is lit, until the room radiates a holy light. When the gathered community sings Silent Night on that candlelit night, even the biggest skeptic can believe.

Holiday Memories

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We will soon be embarking on the busiest time of the year. And for me, Advent and Christmas are the most exciting times in the church year. Holiday decorations everywhere and at home, holiday parties with family and friends, out-of-town guests, inspiring sermons, shopping for the special gift, cooking and eating delightful food: these things are wonderful and, quite often, they trigger memories from our past, especially childhood. 

The Marriage Parable

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Twice in the past month or so, Carla has preached on two different parables in the Gospel of Matthew that utilize wedding symbolism. Apparently it’s a good metaphor for conveying spiritual truths in other matters. I have no intention of ever writing a Gospel of my own, but I do have a marriage parable to share.

Offering Thanks

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After we stuffed ourselves with corn bread dressing, oyster dressing, turkey and sweet potatoes with browned marshmallows on top served on aunt Millie’s Franciscan Apple china, we lingered at the elegant dinning room table for hours telling stories and laughing. After the sun set, Dad said we were leaving but then Millie made turkey/cream cheese/cranberry sandwiches and we began the two-hour goodbye until finally we pulled out of the driveway, aunt Millie standing there waving until we were out of sigh


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When did I become “old”? That’s not a punchline, it’s a serious question.    

Last weekend our congregation helped host Culver-Stockton College students on their “Know Thy Selfie” retreat. As a church we arranged for a service opportunity at Grace United Community Ministries, one of our Northeast neighborhood partners.

One Missing Step

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About a week ago, I was getting ready to take my son to school, and I headed down a half flight of stairs without a second thought. Moments later, I was flat on the floor below and in a fair amount of pain. In hindsight I realized I had missed the last step of the staircase and completely wiped out. A visit to the emergency room verified I had broken my right fibula.

Myth Busters

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Do you remember that show “myth busters”?  They would take a common belief that we hold and dispel it with the actual truth. Well last Monday, as Dave and I hosted a dessert gathering for the most recent new members of our church, I had a few myths busted.