Be Kind

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By Lisa McLeish, Director of Early Childhood Programs

I n spite of my effort to only watch the news for the weather forecast, the other news of the world makes itself known. The excitement and happiness of the Chief’s Super Bowl win seems so long ago as we are inundated with the political campaigns, the devastation in Nashville, and the violence happening in our city.

Each week, the church staff mentions “Spirit Sightings” at their meeting; I look forward to reading these and have come to realize that it is just one of the many ways God is reminding me that there is so much good in this world. Now, in the quiet of the afternoon when the children and teachers have left, I spend a few minutes remembering the good in the day.

  • The teachers who take double the pictures and make two of every project with Teddy to send to his dad who is stationed in Germany right now.
  • The infant teacher who makes a first birthday t-shirt for every one of her children.
  • The teacher who hugs every child and tells them she loves them before they go home for the day.
  • The “Sunshine Committee” who wrote personal notes to every teacher thanking them for being part of the early childhood staff at Country Club.
  • The preschool teacher who spent extra time with a student who was struggling because his parents are at the hospital with his new baby sister.
  • The parent who gave a gift card to each classroom to get some extra supplies.
  • The teacher who spends every Sunday night sending a class newsletter to her families.
  • The church staff who surprised the early childhood staff with snacks.
  • The administrative assistant who traced her own hand and took it to one of the preschoolers, telling him it was his mom waving, after the parent called in tears because she had forgotten to wave when she left.
  • The teachers, and their preschoolers, who gave us this reminder (see photo):