“Redlined” Exhibit at Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center

Sat., July 9

The Everyday Justice ministry invites you to a field trip to the “Redlined: Cities, Suburbs, and Segregation,” an exhibit at the Johnson County Arts and Heritage Center (8788 Metcalf Avenue, Overland Park, KS).

The exhibit takes visitors on a deep dive into the history of redlining and how it both shaped and was shaped by Johnson County and the region. Visitors will learn about the 19th and 20th century foundations of redlining, how the private practice became federal policy during the Great Depression, the expansion of the practice during postwar suburbanization, attempts to dismantle the system during the Civil Rights Era, and how the legacies of redlining continue to impact communities around the nation today. Admission is $6 adults and $5 for seniors.

We’ll meet at noon for lunch (location TBD) with the museum tour to follow. RSVP now to Lisa Tang.

We also encourage you to visit “Evicted,” an exhibit at Kansas City’s Central Library at 14 W. 10th Street. For too many in Kansas City and across the country, the challenge of keeping up with the rising costs of food, fuel, and other consumables is only the beginning. They’re at risk of losing the roof over their heads. More than 10,000 tenants have been hit with eviction filings in Kansas City alone in the past two years. Their harrowing experiences are illuminated in this immersive traveling exhibition through photographs, video storytelling, and spatial elements.