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For the last eight months, the church leadership has been listening to its members through a series of events: Centennial Conversations, First Impression Gatherings and a Feasibility Study. (See related article on results of that study on page 2.) But what I want to muse about is the theological or spiritual enterprise of “feasibility.” The Bible never says “With God, all things are feasible.” But it does say “With God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27)

Ninety-nine years ago, some city missionaries came to Kansas City because they believed it was “feasible” to begin a new Disciples of Christ Church in the emerging “out south” neighborhoods. They met in a hotel (now Crestwood condominiums) and then as soon as the brand new shopping center called “Brookside” was open they met in the dance hall above the drug store to explore the possibility that God might be calling them to form a congregation. A year later they broke ground at 61st and Ward Parkway on the education building, eventually carving stone into five buildings that now cradle our faith community and support us with spiritual vitality.

But I firmly believe that what propelled them was more than feasibility. Rather it was that they were seized by God’s possibility. They had felt God’s claim upon their lives and they were compelled to share God’s love, promise and hope with other people. They saw in the life and teachings of Jesus how life was meant to be lived well. What faithful convictions will seize us and how will God claim you and me for the future?

As I look forward to the next 10, 20, 50 and 100 years in American life, I feel certain that God will be needed. We may be challenged to by environmental emergencies, increasingly multi-faith and multicultural communities, massive technological and economic shifts and growing social isolation. And in the midst of this, the living God will move among us in ways we have not yet imagined, carving new outlines of grace upon the human community.

I don’t know exactly what is feasible. But I know that with God all things are possible. Because that love that gave birth to the movement of Christ 2,000 years ago will be needed at 61st and Ward Parkway for the next 100.

Grace and Peace,