Heavy AND Hopeful

To the cherished congregation of Country Club Christian Church— With both heaviness and hope in my heart I announce that my last Sunday at Country Club Christian Church will be Sunday, August 13.

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Mountain Moments

“Mountains are huge contemplatives. They are there and they are in the presence up to their necks and they are still in it and with it and within it.” This is how author, poet, and philosopher, John O’Donohue talks about the wonder of landscapes such as those that surrounded us at Christian Community Read More...

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Let the Streets Resound

Late on the first Sunday night of February, our city erupted with joy after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, and people filled the streets with celebration. My boyfriend and I had spent the evening at some friends’ on the other side of Midtown; driving home down 39th street from State Line Read More...

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Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth

Last week, some of us worshipped together with others demonstrating and speaking out against racist violence and injustice in our country. On Friday night, a group of youth and young adults joined together at the Nelson-Atkins Museum to walk over to a peaceable demonstration at the Plaza. Wearing masks and keeping our distance from each other, we marched, led by a minister at Unity Southeast Church and kneeling for a few minutes in honor of George Floyd. 

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Choosing Joy

By Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth December seems to be a busy month for most people, but my December was particularly busy. On top of holiday activities and (last-minute) Christmas shopping, a good friend of mine here in Kansas City, Morgan, got married the Saturday before Christmas (and I was honored Read More...

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Rings of Time

By Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth We should really start a book club for the church staff. Soon after Catherine shared an article that mentioned The Overstory by Richard Powers, six of us were reading (or had already read) the book. The novel weaves the story of various people from across Read More...

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Pulling Back the Curtain

Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth One of the most surprising personal revelations I had in seminary was how much I liked sci-fi. It began when I devoured the entirety of The X-Files series during my sparse free time and continued with films and shows like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Black Mirror, Read More...

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Doors for Transformation

Last week, thousands gathered both in person and online for the funeral of Christian author and speaker Rachel Held Evans, who died unexpectedly at the age of 37. Evans spent most of her life in Tennessee, where she was raised as a conservative Evangelical. In her twenties, she began to question things Read More...

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Notes of the Unknown

By Rev. Tyler Heston, Minister to Youth “I’m the only girl in my P. E. class.” “I didn’t know my friend was adopted.” “I remember being overwhelmed the first day of calculus, when I was the only freshman in an all-junior class.” “I didn’t know that childhood friend was actually a second-cousin.” The Read More...

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The Stillness of Snow

The snow, even days after it has fallen and as it turns brown and black from foot and road traffic, is absolutely wonderful to me. The frozen precipitation paints fresh beauty into familiar landscapes.

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