Stewardship Update

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Thank you to all who have participated in the Legacy of Love stewardship campaign. As of May 15, we have received 220 pledge cards, representing 103 increased pledges, 13 increased by over 25 percent and 33 first-time pledges. To date we are approximately $80,000 ahead of where we were this …

Collection Connection

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In May, our Collection Connection is gathering small/children’s gardening hand tools for the summer educational programs at Grace United Community Ministries (GUCM). GUCM’s summer camps educate kids in the art and joy of community gardening: planting, caring for the gardens with weeding, watering and fertilizing of the raised beds and …

Proposed Bylaw Changes for April 8 Meeting

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A Congregational meeting will be held following each worship service on Sun., Apr. 8 to vote on proposed changes to the church bylaws. Click here to review the Resolution of the Congregational Board Recommending Amendments to the Bylaws, and the Amended and Restated Bylaws. Please contact Steve Bough, chairperson of the Governance Review Committee, with …

Proposed Bylaw Changes

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Congregational meeting to be held following each service on April 8 A congregational meeting was held on Sun. Feb. 25, where the congregation was introduced to some proposed changes to the church bylaws, which are recommended by a Governance Review Committee and the Congregational Board. The Governance Review Committee was …

Proposed Changes to Bylaws

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Proposed changes to the church’s bylaws were presented at a Congregational meeting on Sun., Feb. 25. These changes will be voted on at Congregational meetings after each worship service on Sun., Apr. 8. Click here to review the draft copy of the proposed changes.

Your Gifts Matter

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I am blessed to receive your annual giving pledges but also to see your gifts at work. Each time I write a check to pay a bill I am reminded that your contributions make so many things possible. The generosity of your gifts should be celebrated

God’s Grace

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Something shifted within me. I saw something beyond what I was seeing. The adorable children were singing on the front steps of the church. There were 13 voices. They captured each note in a way that conveyed the meaning of the lyrics. Their eyes focused Alex as he directed. Their smiles melted me as they finished singing.